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  • A Brief about Alfaland Group
    More than 2 decades, Alfaland Group is growing its business as property developer and property management, and more than a decade to expand more business as hospitality management.
  • Mailing Address for Alfaland Group Head Office
    Mailing Adress to Head Office Alfaland Group:
    Alfa Tower (25th Floor)
    Jl. Jalur Sutera Barat, Kav. 9,
    Alam Sutera, Tangerang, 15143, Indonesia
  • Focus of Business of Alfaland Group
    Focus of Business of Alfaland Group is currently as Property Developer, Property Management and Hospitality Management
  • How to find Alfaland Group hospitality business contact?
    Alfaland Group hospitality business contact can be found in the website: www.omegahotelmanagement.com
  • How to send catalogue or contacting purchasing department of Alfaland Group?
    All catalogues or offers can be send to purchasing email via email to: ho.purchasing3@omega-hm.com or ho.purchasing3@omega-hm.com (for hotel and property inquiry)
  • Is there any official website for Alfaland Group and its business?
    Official website under Alfaland Group currently divided by 2:
  • What is Alfaland Group social media account?
    Official social media account Alfaland Group can be found via:
  • How to offer my potential business to Alfaland Group?
    Please send your business proposal in details with a clear contact information to Business Development Department via email to: businessdevelopment@alfaland-group.com, with Subject of Email: Business Lead for Alfaland Group
  • Is there any special requirement to offer business to Alfaland Group?
    There are terms and conditions for offering your business or cooperation proposal to Alfaland Group, such as:
    1. Legality from your location or business that offered to Alfaland Group (must be clean and clear)
    2. The purpose of business or coopration should be related with property or hotel industry
  • Is there any consultancy services for my property or hotel business from Alfaland Group?
    Alfaland Group is providing consultancy services for your property and hotel business.
  • How to contact Alfaland Group Business Development department?
    Please contact Alfaland Group Business Development via email to: businessdevelopment@alfaland-group.com.
    Other contact information (via whatsapp or telephone) will be informed after receiving your email (as long as your proposal is relevant for Alfaland Group business)
  • What kind of services that Alfaland Group can offer to me as business owner?
    There are several services that currently offered to you as business owner in terms of cooperation:
    1. Property Developer Service
    2. Hotel Management/Operator Service (via Alfaland Group business unit, Omega Hotel Management)
    3. Business Consultant Service (Property or Hotel)
  • Is Alfaland Group interested with the business opportunity related with property or hotel outside the country?
    Alfaland Group is interested for any business or investment opportunity related with property or hotel  outside Indonesia.
  • Is Alfaland Group open for any business collaboration, for example Join Venture, BOT, or any other investment?
    Alfaland Group is currently open for any kind of cooperation, as long as related with property and hotel industry.
  • How to check Alfaland Group's vacancy?
    Vacancy Information in Alfaland Group can be checked on Career Page of Alfaland Group Website
  • How Do I Apply for Alfaland Group's vacancy?
    Please send your resume with best CV and Portfolio to email: recruitement@alfaland-group.com, with email Subject:  ALFALAND JOB APPLICATION.
    Vacancy Information with job title in Alfaland Group can be checked on Career Page of Alfaland Group Website
  • What are Alfaland Group entry requirement?
    Alfaland Group have specific criteria for every vacancy. Vacancy Information with detail of qualifications can be checked on Career Page of Alfaland Group Website
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