Omega Hotel Management will soon launch an Indonesian Restaurant, Ramela - Cultural Taste of Indonesia.

Jakarta, April 18, 2024 - Omega Hotel Management proudly announces the upcoming launch of their newest restaurant showcasing the culinary richness of Indonesia, Ramela - Cultural Taste of Indonesia. This restaurant will be an integral part of the company's new business line, aiming to celebrate Indonesia's cultural diversity through food.

With the presence of Ramela, Omega Hotel Management is committed to providing an authentic and captivating culinary experience for their guests. This restaurant will offer signature dishes from various regions of Indonesia, presenting flavors and aromas that tantalize the palate while introducing the cultural diversity of Indonesian cuisine to both local and international tourists.

According to Omega Hotel Management's COO, Daniel Sulaiman, "the opening of Ramela marks a significant step in the company's strategy to expand their culinary portfolio. We are thrilled to open Ramela as part of our new business line. We believe that this restaurant will be a unique culinary destination, not only offering delicious dishes but also introducing our guests to the cultural richness of Indonesia," he said.

With decor that combines traditional and modern elements, Ramela creates a captivating atmosphere for its visitors. From everyday meals to special dishes, this restaurant will offer an unforgettable culinary experience for anyone seeking flavor adventures in the heart of the city.

Ramela - Cultural Taste of Indonesia, is poised to become a premier culinary destination in various locations, offering a top choice for those seeking authentic and enjoyable culinary experiences. We invite everyone to join us in exploring the culinary diversity of Indonesia at Ramela and experiencing the distinctive cultural touch, serving authentic Indonesian food at affordable prices.

Ramela will serve a variety of Indonesian menus starting from appetizers such as Kerak telor, martabak, followed by Signature dishes such as Pindang Patin, Empal Gentong, iga penyet, and concluding with various sweet treats such as ice cake, colenak, and other refreshing beverages. Ramela opens its first outlet at Cordela Hotel Senen and will subsequently add to the list of locations in various regions across Indonesia.

The name Ramela it self is inspired by a young woman living in a village and working as a farmer. Because she deals with the authenticity of Indonesian food every day, she wants to encourage the surrounding community to appreciate Indonesian food and get to know it more deeply as part of the culinary culture of the archipelago.
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