Cordela Hotels shares blessings by giving 1000 tajil

South Tangerang, March 11 2023, Omega Hotel Management (Grand Cordela Hotel, Cordela Hotel, Cordela Inn, Cordex Hotel, Cordela Suites, Alam Hotel and Alfa Resort) Share Blessings in the Month of Ramadan by Distributing 1000 Tajil Omega Hotel Management - The month of Ramadan is a holy month that is longed for by Muslims around the world. This month full of blessings is also the right moment to share kindness and show empathy for others. In order to welcome this holy month, Omega Hotel Management held the "Omega Hotel Management Sharing Blessings" program by distributing 1000 tajil to the community around the hotel.

The "Omega Hotel Management Sharing Blessings" program is a form of Omega Hotel Management concern for the surrounding community and also as a form of gratitude for the blessings given this month of Ramadan. This activity has been carried out simultaneously in all 18 hotel units of Omega Hotel Management on Tuesday, 11 March 2023. This event was attended by all hotel units that are members of Omega Hotel Management where all hotel units outside the city participate in celebrating and taking to the streets in providing good in this blessed month.

"We hope that with this program, we can help the local community in need in fulfilling their iftar needs. Hopefully this activity can provide great benefits for those in need," said Ditha Fitriana, Corporate Marcom & PR Manager at Omega Hotel Management.  Omega Hotel is always committed to providing the best service and participating in providing benefits to the surrounding community. Hopefully the "Omega Hotel Management Sharing Blessings" program can be an inspiration for all of us to share kindness in the holy month of Ramadan.
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